Trips in Danube Delta, Tulcea County, Murighiol village

Trips in Danube Delta, Tulcea county, Murighiol village, Rio Divino guesthouse offers to its guests trips in Danube Delta, with 3 fast boats and 6 motor boats, which are available for excursions organized in the wonderful Danube Delta.

Acitivies and touristic objectives in Murighiol village:

  • Departures are organized in different areas by boat to Sfantu Gheorghe (St. George) , Uzlina , Caraorman, Crisan and others.
  • At a distance of 1 km, there is a lake with the same name as the vallage, which had a direct connection with the Danube, closed now.
  • In the village there are archaeological remains from the years 350-250 BC and the Geto -Dacian and Roman-Byzantine period. A very important objective is Halmyris City, where was passed the arm of Danube , Sfanu Gheorghe (Saint George), a lot time ago.
  • Danube Delta Biosphere Nature Reserve
  • Salt Lake, called by specialists “Salt from Murighiol“, is a natural microreserve.
  • Halmyris Monastery

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